Custom Rugs

Anadol Rug Co. is pleased to offer a fine custom rug design service with surprisingly short lead time.We can work together with you to create custom designs that suit your specific needs. Be it the size, shape, material, design, or even all four, we can craft a unique product line with latest trend in mind.

Private Label

Anadol Rugs Co. a leading fine rug manufacturer and supplier , has first-hand knowledge of home décor trends and designs that are now influencing buyers’ decisions. We work closely with major retail customers to develop products that are specific and unique to their brand. Through a collaborative process involving design, development and implementation, we are able to adapt to the needs of our customers.


A premier resource of high quality rugs for the Hospitality Industry, we provide a service that allows designers to develop custom rugs specific to the needs of their project.

Trade & Custom Design

We offer full range of textures, color palettes, and qualities to discover and our creative designers are available to help you develop a brand new distinctive product line for any style.

Collaborations & Partnerships

At Anadol Rug Co., we are committed to innovation. Therefore, we regularly work with senior designers and creative design teams to collaborate on special projects.