May, 26, 2023

                                                                  Dazzling  Wool & Silk Rug Collection 
Find perfect harmony in our elegant Dazzling Rug Collection This transitional line of breathtaking backdrop to whatever style of home decorating that you add this unique rug to. Rugs inviting traditional motifs with contemporary color shades to create a clean finished look. Extremely  luxurious decorative designs &  remarkable art rugs that would be the perfect conversation starter in a contemporary monotone design. These rug were created with perfect combination of design, texture and colors to provide a beautiful piece of art for  every Decor.


 We created a  high and low textures of wool and silk  contemporary, organic design with subtle beige, blue and grey colorways , elegant atmosphere, perfect for those who seek the timeless sophistication of luxury interiors. Dazzling  is available in our standard room sizes; custom sizes. These rugs without compromising the quality, our rug making team use the   method that could achieve the desired faded look without physically damaging the rugs. Rather than using harsh harmful chemicals, the secret recipe is to let the sun rays do the job . The  process  involves  washing the rugs and letting the rugs dry under the the sun rays for sevral days . It is 100% natural and ensures that the character of the fibers remain intact and that the color of the dyed yarn is preserved. 

Dazzling Rug Collection

The beautiful handmade Dazzling  rugs with its luxurious combination of wool and Silk  is a soft, yet striking addition to any interior. The abstract design and pictorial
appeal of this collection distinguish it as a timeless and intriguing work of art.

May, 17, 2023


                                                                                            DESIGNER RUG CREATIVITY! 

Oushak Rugs That Make the Room


This year we’re bringing a little more artistry into your showrooms, homes and sophisticated spaces. As the leaves change color outside, nature has a way of inspiring a beautiful summer decor inventive inside. We’re focusing on Summer colored rugs this season that incorporate warm shades of pink, greens and soft yet warm creamy orange.
We’ve selected warm-toned rugs that typify the mood of the summer season. Timeless character   Unique in style, these Summer colored rugs will make a perfect beginning for any room decor.


 What Makes Angora Oushak rugs so special?

Ushak rugs, also known as Oushak. Those area rugs woven in Ushak,Turkey , situated in the western-most region of the Turkish Anatolian plateau, Are special because they were not woven to be simply utilitarian floor covers, they were created as true works of Art  /  This is especially true for the antique Turkish Oushak rugs .  Oushak rugs are highly regarded for their quality, beauty of their designs and unique cultural / historical significance.

What’s so special about Ushak rugs?

The good Oushak rug examples are hand knotted rugs that were created by highly skilled rug weavers and artisans in Ushak, Turkey Many of the finest rugs were created using  the finest weave materials.

The materials used in a Genuine Oushak rugs are Wool and Angora Wool.     


The Globally recognized Oushak rugs have a unique pattern. The perfect combination of fine materials gives Turkish rugs their unique aesthetics, bold colors and high durability. With a distinct weaving technique and finest materials – Oushak rugs are typically made up of soft lustrous wool, fine superior quality of Angora Wool. These materials are typically used alone or combined together. The anatomy of an Oushak typically consists of a distinctive design, usually an all over pattern & larger knots.



May, 12, 2023



Discover  our Vintage Velvet Fusion Collection. A team of expert artisans transform Antique,Semi Antique & Turkish Vintage rugs to remarkable new composition, through the power of intense color and fused velvet. The simplest way to fill your space with colors & Vibrant hues .


The Vintage Basic Velvet Collection is what happens when you fuse the emotional energy of intense color with the sensuousness of fused velvet. We salvage the aged & imperfect, evolving it into an unpredictable, innovative, and dramatic new collection. This collection is also available for you to customize in custom sizes and colors. Let your imagination run wild!The Vintage Basic Velvet Collection is what happens when you fuse the emotional energy of intense color with the sensuousness of fused velvet. We salvage the aged & imperfect, evolving it into an unpredictable, innovative, and dramatic new collection. This collection is also available for you to customize in custom sizes and colors. Let your imagination run wild!


Semi-antique Anatolian rug fragments are up-cycled into artful new creations in this whimsical collection. We dye the aged fragments in in-vogue colors to breathe fresh life into them, then reassemble them into striking modern art pieces. They are luxurious and fun. Playful and refined. And always absolutely striking.
May, 08, 2023

Our New Atlas Rugs just in, available in standard and custom sizes. 

Using techniques passed down through the centuries, our local Artisans hand-weave Turkish knots from luxurious Anatolian high-plateau Angora blend wool. This creates a collection that is vibrant and free spirited but also captures the ancient artistic soul of Anatolia, refined over centuries of tradition. These rugs are striking in their exoticness and can contrast beautifully with modern interiors or complement traditional spaces like a harmonic tone.


Inspired by traditional hand-crafted Moroccan  rugs, this decorative collection presents a reform on the  tribal motifs. Chic geometric patterns, repeating diamonds  are presented in soft neutrals and bold  colors.



We will guide you  in creating your own masterpiece whether you are in the showroom or on the otherside of the Globe.

  • Choose your pattern, whether it is one of our  patterns on  our webpage or in our  showroom or a pattern that you select yourself.

  • Choose your colors from our color pom box.

  • Choose the materials you would like:

    • Wool

    • Angora Wool

    • Silk

    • A blend of Wool & Silk

      For more information call 404-809-8573  or email


Nov, 16, 2022

"I always begin a room with the rug; it is literally the foundation of the space. I then go on to the furniture."
- Lee Radziwill


Inspired by an ancient and spiritual connection to the land which they call home, Oushak Rugs have woven homage to nature in their very fibers. Earthen tones of stone, Autumn leaves, shallow pools, and rustic sunsets play with light on the multi-faceted surfaces of these hand-woven art pieces. Each tuft is hand-shorn by artisans to create a truly unique piece that exists as a snapshot of its birthplace and evokes the natural world in any interior space.


Oushak Rugs’ transcendental yet light-hearted designs allow them to be astoundingly versatile. In their ancient profundity, they can create an emotional anchor to any room that can be played with by the talented designer. In a wood-heavy space, their warmth would be complemented. In a stone-heavy space, the natural themes are echoed. And in a ultra-modern space, the juxtaposition creates a visually delightful experience akin to salty and sweet desserts.

Since its creation in 1984, family-owned Anadol Rug has pioneered the modern-age production of Angora Oushaks. We have since become the absolute authority on Authentic Antique Reproduction Angora Oushaks worldwide as we are not only the largest manufacturer of Oushaks but are humbly considered to be finest producer of them by designers and connoisseurs around the world.

Our rugs are so true to the originals that we are proud to be recognized as the only Angora Oushak producer in the world to own a Geographical Patent for Angora Oushak Rugs as approved by the Turkish Patent Office, Usak Chamber of Commerce, Turkish Ministry of Industry, and the Turkish Union of Chambers & Commodity Exchanges.

We hire local artisans in Usak, Turkey - ancient birthplace of the Oushak Rug - and pay them fair wages to ensure their long-term wellbeing as well as our rugs’ authenticity. It’s them and their techniques, passed down through generations, that is the secret to our quality. It’s with pride that we partner with and employ hundreds of local artisans to keep the beauty of Oushak Rugs alive and true to their nature, and to do so in an environmentally sustainable way.

To ensure even further accuracy, we utilize hand-spun high-plateau Anatolian wool blended with Angora wool. We use this proprietary blend on original designs and techniques that don’t involve technology or chemicals in the production or finishing process to create a true echo of the past that respects ancient tradition. It’s this respect and attention to detail that makes us certain that our Angora Oushak Rugs will become tomorrow’s next masterpiece antiques.


It’s our unyielding commitment to quality and authenticity that has blessed us with AmericasMart’s Most Magnificent Carpet Award seven times! We invite you to explore our collection and allow your creativity to play. If you would like to consult or explore design concepts or custom projects, please do contact our knowledgeable staff. And most importantly, have fun!

Nov, 22, 2022

5 Features of The Best Oushak Rugs

The Aesthetics of a Classic. A Product of the Present.

Interior Designers from around the world rely on the ancient-yet-timeless designs of Genuine Angora Oushak Rugs to add effortless luxury to any space. The rustic colors and prismatic hand-woven wool and Angora blend fibers play with light to delight those who behold them. Medallion and floral motifs adorn Oushak Rugs and add a warm energy to spaces. But what many Interior Designers love most about them is their versatility. They miraculously complement both traditional and contemporary design philosophies, fitting in perfectly in modern spaces and more classic ones.

Did You Know?: Oushaks have something in common with champagne…

Genuine Angora Oushak Rugs hail from Western Turkey in the region of U┼čak. Like Champagne, Genuine Angora Oushak Rugs can only be called genuine if they are made in that region and we are the only Angora Oushak producer in the world to own a Geographical Patent for Genuine Angora Oushak Rugs as approved by the Turkish Patent Office. So if you truly demand authenticity, only Anadol can deliver that to you.

True Beauty and Authenticity Through Traditional Craftmanship

Using traditional methods passed down for generations, our craftspeople hand-knot every Genuine Angora Oushak Rug we make, instilling them with the spirit of the past, but with a contemporary perspective. The hand-knotted nature of our Angora Oushaks are not capable of being replicated by machines. This can be a many-months long process involving several craftspeople working in shifts!

The Finest Materials Make The Finest Rugs

Among Turkish Rugs, Oushaks are considered some of the finest. This is due to the luxurious and locally sourced materials we use. Only the softest wool and the finest Angora blend are utilized to make our Genuine Angora Oushak Rugs. This lends them an opulent underfoot feeling that is unmatched among any other area rug. If you’re never walked on a hand-woven Angora Oushak rug, you need to find out what that feels like!

A Respect for Our Planet and People

We employ hundreds of craftspeople in rural regions and pay them good wages for their artistic talents because we respect and appreciate them. This helps support local economies and families. But our responsibilities also extend to our Earth; we tried to use all natural dyes whenever possible, and do not use harsh chemicals in the production of our Authentic Angora Oushak Rugs.

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