Anadol Rug Company, was founded in 1984 by Suat Izmirli, one of the pioneer in the Oriental Carpet Industry, a leader in the revival of natural dye usage in rug industry in Turkey. Since its inception, Anadol Rug Co. has earned a reputation as a leading manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler of high-quality area rugs, and over the years has broaden its production capabilities for several key new production line expanding production capabilities to include a machine-made rug production, residential broadloom and custom hospitality carpeting by increasing its flexibility to meet customer’s expectations. The family-owned corporation is known around the rug manufacturing industry as a power player with operations in 4 countries, employing over 2800 workers.

Mission & Vision

Anadol Rug Company’s mission is to continue to refine its quality, expand its capabilities, and elevate the superior level of customer service currently provides.
We are committed to supporting our customers’ requirements by delivering innovative design, high quality, and sustainable products, while running a business model that gives back to the community and employees.